Tuesday, December 30, 2008

West Seattle Fat Ass 50K

Feb 1st - 7am - limit 25 runners

Start and finish will be at the south end of Lincoln Park in West Seattle.

The course will run along the streets of West Seattle - 2 out 'n' backs = 50K+ (~32 miles)
('click' here to view the route - out 'n' back x2)

This is a no fee, no shirt, no aid, no whining type event, so plan on carrying your favorite method of hydration and some energy grub as well! -- (And, of course) This is not a race but rather just a fun run intended to count towards Marathon Maniacs and other tallies.

(I do intend to have a medal though!)

To enter, send an email to nicplemel@yahoo.com and include your name, age, sex, and city where you are from.

More information will be posted soon. Thank you for your interest!


Thomas said...

Hi Nic,

Will there be an early start available for the 50K run, and is this event recognized by Marathon Maniacs?


Nic said...


At this point I have no plans for an early start (though I am going back and forth on it), having said that, I could be persuaded...

...and yes, this will count for Maniacs 'stats.'

Hunter said...

Are results posted anywhere online?

As stated this race is entirely, 100%, with out a doubt, FREE FREE FREE...

...having said that, I'm currently raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (HERE) so, if you feeling like throwing some money toward a worthy cause I will gladly accept it and transfer 100% of the donation directly to the LLS.