Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello WSFA50Kers

Just wanted to touch base prior to the race and try and provide a little more info...

First and fore most, I have received a few emails asking about the possibility of an early start, here's what I'll say... if you would like to take an early start, feel free, however you will be responsible for recording your own time so please have a way to do so. I and a few volunteers should be at or near the start by 7am setting up, say "hi" if you come by...

Having that out of the way... the starting line/half way point/finish line I plan on having some minimal aid set up - there should be some Gatorade, some water (and if that runs out there's also a drinking fountain), and some standard 'ultra'-like food (pretzels, PB&J, etc.). If there's anything that you specifically want, you should probably have it on hand, again, we're going with the standard fat ass rules - no shirt, no aid, no whining, no fee :-) Please be able to be self sufficient and carry a water bottle or some form of hydration, also feel free to bring a drop bag to leave at the start/half-way point/finish line if so inclined.

At the start/half way point/finish line we'll have (at least) two wonderful volunteers who will be helping me keep this whole thing together, recording splits & finishing times, helping with the aid, and keeping the fire in the shelter going (that's right - hopefully there will be a fire and a sheltered area!). Please be grateful and courteous to these volunteers, they're helping me (and all of us) out quite a bit, to the point that I feel confident in saying, I couldn't do this without them.

At the half way point of the turn around (the 1/4 & 3/4 mark) we will have some aid set up as well, some super-duper-awesome Half Fanatic Volunteers are in charge down there. I can't tell you how grateful I am that they put up with my "directing," but, please be sure to tell them how grateful you are!

The turn around will also be marked with spray chalk, as for the rest of the course, it's very straight forward (though not literally) - don't cross the street, don't run into the water - at least not 'til you're finished ;-) Just for a refresher, please check out this link, and look at it once more prior to showing up on Sunday : & remember 2 out'n'backs. While on the course, please be sure to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings, no one will be qualifying for Boston on Sunday, so if it comes down to your finishing time or your safety, please be more concerned with safety.

Lincoln Park has a pretty descent parking area, with room for over flow as well - my guess is, since we'll all be there prior to 8am, all the spots should be open for us (assuming the parking lot is actually opened in a timely manner, which it was not the first year we held the race) - having said that, if you can car pool, please do, if nothing else for the sake of the environment and future generations. You'll want to park in the south parking lot (where the directions lead, just prior to the Vashon Ferry dock), however if it is full (or, again, locked) there is also parking about midway through the park off of Fauntleroy Way or in the local surrounding neighborhoods (be sure to read the signs where ever you park, the first year at least one of our runners did receive a ticket). Once parked, head down the PAVED path on the south end of the park, and you should be able to see the starting line and where we're setting up.

Here's is the city Parks Dept. site for Lincoln Park:

Directions coming from the north (southbound I-5) :*GX_
Directions coming from the south (northbound I-5) :

I think that about wraps it up (other than the whole running thing) - if anyone has more questions or sees something I missed please feel free to email me or give me a call at (206) 380-4698, I'll do my best to reply quickly (no really, I will)!

Thanks and see you all Sunday morning!

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As stated this race is entirely, 100%, with out a doubt, FREE FREE FREE...

...having said that, I'm currently raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (HERE) so, if you feeling like throwing some money toward a worthy cause I will gladly accept it and transfer 100% of the donation directly to the LLS.